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Qtrax back on its feet?

Oh good!

Qtrax/BLLN (its holding company) has owed my firm £19,210.22 for legal services rendered [we created their first rights licensing deals - which were the first of their kind in the world, so far as we are aware] since September 2008 (despite its CEO shaking my hand at POPKOMM in October 2008 and promising “imminent payment in full”).

Suffice it to say that the debt still remains outstanding (plus what now amounts to more than 2 years’ interest!), and the only reason that we haven’t sued before now is that we expected that the company was totally insolvent (notably after Oracle sued and got judgment for $1.9m) –

I am DELIGHTED to hear that they are now up and running again – apparently without bothering to settle Oracle’s judgment – such that we can now look forward to getting paid at long last!

I suspect that ours will not be the only new writ that they will now receive!!

Ian Penman
New Media Law LLP



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