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European Commission Paper on IP published

The European Commission has published (24th May 2011) a paper on IP, entitled:

A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights

Boosting creativity and innovation to provide economic growth, high quality jobs

and first class products and services in Europe

You can read it here:

The introduction states:

“Putting in place a seamless, integrated Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is

one of the most concrete ways to release the potential of European inventors and creators and

empower them to turn ideas into high quality jobs and economic growth.

This Communication presents the Commission’s overall strategic vision for delivering the true

Single Market for intellectual property that is currently lacking in Europe – a European IPR

regime that is fit for tomorrow’s new economy, rewarding creative and inventive efforts,

generating incentives for EU-based innovation and allowing cultural diversity to thrive by

offering additional outlets for content in an open and competitive market.

A modern, integrated European IPR regime will make a major contribution to growth,

sustainable job creation and to the competitiveness of our economy – key objectives of the

EU 2020 agenda and the Annual Growth Survey which are essential to sustain the EU’s

recovery from the economic and financial crisis. It will enable the development of sectors

such as e-commerce and digital industries which offer the greatest potential for future


1 Innovation not only helps the European economy to flourish. It is indispensable to

address the big challenges that humankind is facing in the 21

st century: ensuring food security,

containing climate change, dealing with demographic change and improving citizens’ health.

It also has an essential role to play in the quality of daily life by fostering cultural diversity.

IPR comprise industrial property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and geographical

indications, copyright and rights related to copyright.

Digital Opportunity

The Hargreaves Report is out today and can be found here:

A review of Intellectual Property and Growth

An independent report by Ian Hargreaves

In November 2010 the Prime Minister David Cameron announced an independent review of how the Intellectual Property framework supports growth and innovation.

Chaired by Professor Ian Hargreaves and assisted by a panel of experts, the review reported to Government in May 2011.

The Review makes 10 recommendations designed to ensure that the UK has an IP framework best suited to supporting innovation and promoting economic growth in the digital age.

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