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New Media Law client a key partner in Samsung’s brand new music service – “Music Hub”

New Media Law, and its international rights licensing and global digital strategy specialist, Rick Riccobono, are proud to congratulate our client 7digital on its groundbreaking alliance with Samsung and wish them both the best of success with the outstanding new digital music service “Music Hub”.

By way of background, Samsung, which is the number one phone manufacturer globally, with probably the number two handset (after Apple), namely the Galaxy, launched its own music service in Europe this week – called the “Music Hub”, which includes streaming, downloads and a locker - on the new Galaxy III.

Music Hub uses a scan-and-match technology, so that a user only need to upload unrecognised songs to their locker.  The service offers a streaming catalogue of 19 million tunes, and a radio service as well.  The subscription price (£9.99) – is a little higher than Apple’s cloud subscription, but is similarly priced to Spotify’s and others.  This subscription frees up the whole catalogue for users to stream freely and store for offline use.  Importantly, iTunes still doesn’t let its users do this.  Another critical difference - which could give Samsung’s Music Hub the edge, is that it can be used via a web browser, whereas iTunes can be used on a variety of devices by installing the iTunes client or app, but not via a browser without carrying out the install first.

A key part of the infrastructure for the new service has been provided by New Media Law’s client, 7digital, which has worked with Samsung for three years to develop Music Hub.  The Hub is 7digital’s first streaming service (until now, it has focused on providing white label download stores for HP, the major record companies and others).

New Media Law has been told that there are a number of other great new things to come from 7digital this summer, so…..stay tuned!


For further information - please contact Rick Riccobono (Global Digital Strategy Consultant, New Media Law), or Ian Penman (Partner, New Media Law) - on +44 20 7291 1670 - or via email at: or

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