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The high price of sharing 24 songs

In March 2013, the US Supreme Court upheld a verdict of an award of $222k in damages in relation to the 6 year legal saga involving the first [music] file sharer in the US to challenge a Recording Industry Association of America lawsuit.

It confirmed that Jammie Thomas-Rasset will be told to pay the money to the recording industry, despite her petition against the verdict in which she claimed that the damages award was “unconstitutionally excessive” and “not proportionate” to the loss caused to the music industry.

Cases of RIAA file-sharing involved not only Jammie Thomas-Rasset but also “innocent infringers”, who are individuals who have no knowledge of the infringements being carried out on their computers (or via their internet account) by a third party - and for this type of infringer the fine is usually $200 per violation.  Thousands of other individuals have settled their cases out of court for a few thousand dollars.

The RIAA decided in 2008 to cease an active campaign aimed at finding and suing individual file-sharers but together with the Motion Picture Association of America, it has now convinced internet service providers to initiate punitive actions against “scofflaws”.

Despite the numerous cases against individual file-sharers and the numerous actions taken against her, not only by the courts but also by private associations, Ms. Thomas-Rasset has firmly declared that she will not be paying the money now or anytime in the future.  It looks like personal bankruptcy now awaits her as the only way out.


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