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Ian Penman and Rick Riccobono attended and spoke at in Moscow on 24 and 25 June 2013.

The conference was in Moscow, and focussed on global licensing, the future of copyright and mobile.

On Monday 24, Rick and Ian gave a presentation about the copyright licensing process for new models in the music industry, which led to an analysis of the future of copyright licensing.  The panel discussion that followed was moderated by Ralph Simon.

The slides and transcription of the presentation can be found here:

But beware, the transcription is in Russian!

On Tuesday 25, Ian participated in a panel discussion about content and mobile.

More detail can be found at


About the Forum

On June 24-25 the international innovation Forum rASia.COM will be held at the Digital October centre in Moscow.

It is a unique annual event encouraging  the exchange of latest technologies  and experiences between entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The main goal of the Forum is to answer the most pressing question: ‘What will tomorrow bring?’ It will give us a new perspective and thus allow us to observe trends of the world economic system and help to evaluate the efficiency of our own business strategies in a new way, and get new ideas and inspiration.

Traditionally, the Forum programme consists of 4 subjects:

  • wireless mobile technology and the Internet;
  • new media, up-to-date advertising technologies and marketing solutions;
  • venture capital funding, finance and investments, payment systems, innovative bank technologies;
  • content and entertainment business.

The most current issues will also be covered:

  • innovations in luxury and premium markets;
  • amazing innovations (robots, 3D printing, augmented reality, immortality);
  • women and innovations, the female point of view on the situation;
  • Brands & Co-branding;
  • Made in Moscow.

This year the Forum is focused on Indian business perspectives—”Doing business with India”.

An exclusive video TELL (Techology, Edutainment, Life and Lifestyle) will be shot within the Forum with the participation of companies’ top managers: shareholders and and executives.

The Forum will combine the reports by leaders from all over the world and they will share their success stories with the audience.

Also, various training conferences, workshops and round table discussions will be held at Digital October.

The Forum is an excellent opportunity to present your ideas and business models, finding new contacts and offering your services.


Russian Piracy Bill now active

Moscow, Monday 24 June

The State Duma in Russia passed a bill last Friday which combats copyright infringement on the Internet.

The law allows Russian authorities to block websites which infringe audio-visual copyright content at the request of copyright holders.

Google in Russia has spoken out against the bill, saying that it will allow whole websites to be blocked indefinitely.

The bill is designed to combat damage from internet piracy in Russia, which is estimated at 60 billion rubles per year ($1.8 billion).

The bill allows authorities to take unspecified “provisional measures” against infringers using internet “resources”.

The copyright holder can apply to the Federal Mass Media Inspection Service, who will then notify the hosting provider about the copyright infringement.  The hosting provider then has 1 day to demand that the website owner removes the infringing content. The owner has 1 day to remove it.  If the provider fails to take action, the FMMIS can demand that telcos block access to the content.

The copyright holder must file a civil lawsuit at the same court within 15 days after the provisional measures are approved by the court.

If the civil court rules that the content does not infringe, then the website can be switched back on and unblocked and the owner of the non-infringing content can sue for damages and costs.


Ian Penman

rAsia conference

Moscow, 24 June

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